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Andy Palmer

Andy started the workshop by discussing his path to success in Vertica. Some key values at Vertica include – believe that creating value for customers is the fundamental basis for creating value for shareholders, focusing on the correctness of the idea rather than its originator and discussing the ethical implications of the business goals and practices before acting. After teaching the lessons from Vertica, Andy showered the group with great startup advice. Some key properties that drive a startup are culture, knowing the model, being aware of impacts, the intelligence, understanding the importance of speed and urgency, emotion and judgement, intentional leadership and partnership. The different levels of startup financing goes from Venture Capital to Self Funded. At Venture Capital level, startups tend to be most expensive with least emotionally satisfying results whereas at Self Funded level, they tend to be least expensive with most emotionally satisfying results. According to Andy, being a founder is a lot more fun than any functional role in the startup. It takes unconditional commitment and willingness to be a founder. In the end, Andy advised the group to be mission driven, tough, confident, paranoid and passionate to successfully launch a startup.